USA, 1974. Director: Duke Mitchell. Duke Mitchell, Vic Caesar, Lorenzo Dodo,  Louis Zito, Cara Salerno, Fred Otash, John Strong, Jimmy Williams. 79 Mins.

Coming soon to Blu-ray from Grindhouse Releasing!

Watch the MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE trailer!

“Mind-bending…with [Duke Mitchell’s]¬†cult following steadily building on what seems to be a daily basis, one can only wonder how far and wide the legacy of this entertainment jack of all trades will go.” – Nathaniel Thompson, TCM Underground


6 thoughts on “MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE”

  1. A double disc release would definitely help increase the sales potential by an increased value. Being a collector of italian crimes films, this creation exploitation is full of gritty violence, and should be added to any collection, but would prefer it as a stand alone? I woul buy it regardless.

  2. I got this on Beta, VHS, and DVD. Can’t wait to see it remastered in Blu. I’d even settle for a new york theatrical screening while waiting. Any chance?

  3. How can I own a copy of Massacre Mafia Style? I can’t find it anywhere. I watched it for the first time on TCM the other night. I must own a copy of this. When will Gone With The Pope be released? Hopefully someone will answer. Thanks.

    1. GONE WITH THE POPE was released in 2010 and continues to play theatrically. We will be announcing more screenings soon. Both movies will be released on Blu-ray and DVD this year with mind-blowing extras, and we will announce the dates here first. Thanks!

    2. At this point… Wait for Grindhouse Releasing to put it out.

      Duke’s son Jeff released a DVD (Family style limited edition) that is bootleg quality IMO but the extras were great….

      And you can find it under it’s VHS title The Executioner on bootleg sites and torrents. Their quality will be quite poor- even official VHS copies- compared to what Grindhouse is doing.

      Honestly Just wait! It’s coming very soon I feel. Here’s my VHS, BETA, and DVD copy (leaving out my bootlegs for obvious reasons) to show official copies for those interested.

      Gone with The Pope is the one I’m dying to add to my collection in any form possible.

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