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  1. Thanks for the great work. Can´t wait for the Duke Mitchell
    movies and Scum Of The Earth.
    Are you nice people still plan to release Umberto Lenzi´s
    The Tough Ones.

  2. About ‘The Swimmer’ –

    I am blown away at your recent re-release of ‘The Swimmer’!

    The additional material that you’ve included – the stills, storyboards and promotionals – creates a well-beyond-my-expectations package to take hard-core fans as deep and personal as possible into this mesmerizing film.

    Thanks so much for your efforts!


  3. Hi, I recently blind-bought The Swimmer on Blu and in addition to really enjoying the film I feel like I must commend your restoration of it.
    Simply put, this is one of the most gorgeous transfers I have ever seen. I must admit many hi-def releases disappoint me. Even Criterion’s releases (which often look like artificial grain is overlayed over the image).
    This is what older films should look like in hi-def and it rivals Psycho for sheer clarity of image.
    Great work.

    PS: Love the rippling FBI Warning at the start, nice touch.

  4. Hi, big horror fan here. Loved your Cannibal Holocaust blu-ray. I’m wondering if there is a release window for the blu-ray of Cannibal Ferox? Is it coming out by the end of 2014 or are we going to have to wait till 2015. I see that the remaster is finished and you are currently looking for special features so probably not too far. right? I am very excited for this release.
    Keep on the great work!
    David Frautschi

  5. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!! Love THE BEYOND — The Grindhouse treatment! Beautiful in every way. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to get Cannibal Ferox. Hopefully Pieces is in there and Cat in the Brain with commentary from Eli Roth…ha! Anyway, I really look forward to anything you guys put out. ALWAYS A FAN!


  6. Thanks a million for not holding up “Gone with the Pope” until the end of the year…worth every nickel and then some!.Now to add “Massacre Mafia Style” to the library!!!!!

  7. Cannibal Ferox! Wow…you guys, once again, have outdone yourselves. GREAT JOB! Slick packaging, liner notes, CD of the score, extras new interviews, lost footage, you guys ROCK!

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