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DEATH GAME (1977) 2 Disc Deluxe EDITION Blu-ray PRE-orders begin new years day!

Pre-orders for the DEATH GAME 2 disc Deluxe Edition Blu-ray begin January 1 at We’ll announce full specs and street date at that time. As with the PIECES jigsaw puzzle, the I DRINK YOUR BLOOD Horror Hypo, and the TOUGH ONES bullet pen, we are including a special gift with the first 2000 copies. 

The DEATH GAME Meat Cleaver edition is exclusive to our online store at You won’t get this from Amazon or anywhere else, so if you do want one of the embossed DEATH GAME meat cleavers included with the first 2000 units, make sure you order direct from Grindhouse Releasing! 

Be sure to pre-order on January 1st. This limited edition will sell out QUICKLY!

Grindhouse Releasing is proud to present the ultimate 1970s psychological thriller. John Cassavetes veteran Seymour Cassel stars as George Manning, a family man whose perfect life is turned into a nightmare of sex and torture when he allows himself to be seduced by two nubile young strangers (Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp) who show up at his door on a rainy night. Considered lost for many decades, DEATH GAME is being presented for for the first time on home video in its original 2.39:1 aspect ratio, meticulously restored in 4K from the original camera negative. 

“A grisly stab at horror exploitation.”
– Variety

“An intense, uncomfortable film… an exercise in suspense, violence and degradation.”
– Roy Frumkes, Hollywood Reporter

“An extremely well made, engrossing and often shocking film that bears watching if you have the stomach for it… a relentlessly painful and violent film. Traynor shows the gross sickness of a violent society.”
– Doug de Lisle, The Times Record

“If you have a friend who enjoys this movie, get a new friend.” 
– Cleveland Plain Dealer

We are bringing DEATH GAME to select theaters nationwide in 2022! See it on the big screen at these upcoming dates:

• January 14 & 15 – Marcus des Peres Cinema 14, St Louis
• January 19 – Alamo Drafthouse New Mission, San Francisco
• February 4 – American Cinematheque – Los Feliz 3 Theatre, Los Angeles
• March 5-Coolidge Corner Theatre, Boston

Coming Soon… The Authorized Biography of Rudy Ray Moore!

Official promo video for THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME BE MYSELF
Take a flip through the book!

THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME BE MYSELF: The Authorized Biography of Rudy Ray Moore aka Dolemite by Mark Jason Murray

PRE-ORDERS BEGIN 1/1/2022! Shipping begins on 2/1/2022!
Only available from and – sign up for our emailing lists to receive a special discount code to use when preorders begin!

• Check out the promo which includes a flip through of the book!

DELUXE LIMITED EDITION HARDBACK OF ONLY 2000 COPIES! (NOTE: Nearly half of these were already presold. Don’t wait as this edition will sell out quickly!) 

As a dancer, singer, comedian and filmmaker, Rudy Ray Moore teetered on obscurity his entire life. Finally, with the creation of his “Dolemite” character and the release of several controversial and groundbreaking hit comedy albums and self-produced films during the 1970’s, Moore achieved his short-lived success. As the decade changed and he struggled to survive, Moore’s work fueled a new generation of fans and artists, who would help resurrect his career. He would become known as the “King of the Party Records” and the “Godfather of Rap,” influencing comedians, musicians and pop culture, long after his passing. His tenacity and achievements were so inspiring, a part of his story was the basis for the hit Netflix film, Dolemite is My Name, starring Eddie Murphy as Rudy Ray Moore.

Throughout his life, Rudy remained a very private person. He would end his live performances by commenting to the crowd, “Thank you for letting me be myself!” Yet, Moore was far removed from his public persona, and personal details of his life were rarely shared. Many people, including those closest to Moore, believed they knew him well, yet the complete and detailed story of his life remained untold.

Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself reveals Moore’s unknown origins as he escaped poverty and abuse to enter the world of show business. Every period of his life and career is discussed in tremendous detail, with great effort made to place everything into proper historical and cultural context. Speculations will be cleared and truths will be told through the controversial last year of his life… and beyond.

Inspiration. Icon. Legend. 
This is the story of Rudy Ray Moore.


• Limited edition hardback of only 2000 copies!
• 380 full color glossy pages!
• Over 600 photos!
• Extensive discography / videography covering hundreds of releases!
• Full details on the making of all of Moore’s classic films (Dolemite, The Human Tornado, Petey Wheatstraw: The Devil’s Son-in-Law, Disco Godfather and more)!
• The definitive text on Rudy Ray Moore!

“Rudy Ray Moore became this little hero of mine. He was the loser who refused to lose.” 
– Eddie Murphy

“Long before there was Spike Lee, John Singleton and Robert Townsend, there was Rudy Ray Moore. A true pioneer who gave future generations of black filmmakers hope.”
– Arsenio Hall 

“Without Rudy Ray Moore, there would be no Snoop Dogg, and that’s for real.” 
– Snoop Dogg

“I am the King!” 
– Rudy Ray Moore

Rudy Ray Moore aka Dolemite official biography available from Grindhouse Releasing

“I love Rudy and we have thanked him on all of our releases since the beginning of Grindhouse Releasing. Mark has created the book equivalent of one of our movie releases – decades in the making, as exhaustive as possible, with no stone left unturned. 
I am deeply honored that he allowed us to be involved with what I feel is the most important book of the decade.” 

– Bob Murawski, Grindhouse Releasing

Grindhouse Releasing joins the Night Flight Plus family!

We’ve partnered with NIGHT FLIGHT to offer instant streaming access to some of our best-loved classics — including our new release DEATH RIDERS, starring Jason Williams of FLESH GORDON fame! Head over to NIGHT FLIGHT PLUS to start watching now!

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BUY your tickets to see the 40th anniversary screening of evil dead! one night only!

Buy tickets for the EVIL DEAD 40th Anniversary from Fathom Events


The Evil Dead 40th Anniversary

The ultimate experience in grueling terror! Grindhouse Releasing and Fathom Events celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sam Raimi’s horror classic THE EVIL DEAD with an exclusive nationwide screening introduced by star Bruce Campbell.

Ash (Campbell), his girlfriend Linda (Betsy Baker), his sister Cheryl (Ellen Sandweiss), and couple Scotty (Hal Delrich) and Shelly (Sarah York), drive to a remote cabin in the woods for a fun getaway. While there, they find the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (aka “The Book of the Dead”), an ancient tome whose text reawakens the dead when read out loud. After unintentionally releasing a flood of evil, the five friends must fight for their lives or become possessed.

Official Evil Dead 40th anniversary T-shirts

Official EVIL DEAD 40th Anniversary T-shirts are now available from Grindhouse Releasing. Click here to order.