An American Hippie In Israel (1972) Blu-ray: Grindhouse Releasing

Israel, 1972. Director: Amos Sefer. Asher Tzarfati, Shmuel Wolf, Lily Avidan, Tzila Karney. 95 Mins.

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Grindhouse Releasing is proud to present the highly-anticipated release of one of cult cinema’s legendary lost classics. Machine gun wielding mimes, robots, blood thirsty sharks, free-loving debauchery and poignant anti-war monologues by raving mad hippies, all this and more is present in writer-director-prophet Amos Sefer’s allegorical independent film, AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL. Far out!

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An American Hippie In Israel (1972) Blu-ray: Grindhouse Releasing

“An epic blast…Vacillating between Lord of the Flies and a zonked, unpredictable brand of Dennis Hopper-ian burnout psychedelia, AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL will set your ass aflame with its collision of jarring edits, loose-lipped dubbing, and pervasive total madness.” – Bret Berg, Cinefamily

Praise for Grindhouse Releasing Ltd. Edition 3-Disc Blu-ray/DVD:

“A perfect addition to any cult movie collection.” –

“AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL looks absolutely awesome. It’s a vibrant, beautifully mastered picture that more than does justice to the film. The audio’s a remastered DTS mono track that also sounds great, and there are subtitles in Hebrew. There are plenty of supplements…a fantastic look at the interactive theatrical showings of the film in Israel, complete with audience reactions and clips of the performances….HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”  – DVD Verdict

“Grindhouse Releasing’s three-disc set is a comprehensive release that puts the majority of studio efforts to shame. In keeping with their lavish treatment of previous films like THE BEYOND, AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL comes packed with extras and a fine transfer of the film itself taken from the best surviving print…a cult movie release totally unlike any other.” – Mondo Digital


“I could go on all day about the backhanded virtues of this pastel turkey, but it’s really something you should see for yourself—and there is no better way to see it (well, unless you’re in Israel, really no other way to see it at all) than with this super-loaded Blu-ray from Grindhouse Releasing.” – DVD Verdict

“Grindhouse Releasing go a long way towards making up for lost time with their inaugural Blu-ray offering, An American Hippie In Israel. The movie is a genuine cult oddity, a film that languished in obscurity for decades but which nevertheless stands as not only an entertaining low budget B-picture but also a unique foreign time capsule of sorts…On top of that, the disc is stacked with far more extra features relating to the film than should have been humanly possible and the film is offered up in solid shape. A very nice return to form for the label.” – Rock! Shock! Pop!

“No matter how you slice it, there’s really nothing else quite like AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL…Fans of the film who have long fantasized of a Criterion Collection style release need salivate no more – for this, too, is the genuine article. This release is positively stacked with bonus materials…a very in-depth package.”

– AV Maniacs

“I suspect it’s ‘a great movie if you’re high’.”

“AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL is the only thing that comes close to demonstrating what a drug trip is without actually being on drugs.” – Film Bizarro

“A  cult film in every sense of the word…with the best possible features and the best possible transfer. Well worth snatching up.”


“AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL is far more entertaining than it has any right to be…this is a strange movie that has certainly earned its cult status. Grindhouse Releasing has done a great job with the wealth of extra features found in this release.” – Theater Thoughts

“The delightfully trippy hippie flick is a lot of fun to watch…and the experience is just magnified if you can round up a group of folks. If Amos Sefer were still around today I would want to let him know that I hear him loud and clear. I have no idea what the hell he’s saying but I certainly hear him.” –

“A PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE…Amos Sefer’s lone feature film is thus the rarest of cinematic artifacts: a film that is genuinely unpredictable. You may not understand what Sefer is trying to tell you — but devotees of outsider-art cinema will marvel at the personality with which he expresses himself.’ – Schlock-Mania

“IMMENSELY ENTERTAINING…Grindhouse Releasing enters the Blu-ray game with all guns blazing. Their first home video release in a few years is a grand slam.” – Celluloid Terror

“Easily the most enjoyable film I’ve reviewed all year. I have no idea what the hell I just watched, but I do know that it was awesome.” – Cinema Judgment Day

“AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL is a BLAST! Hands down one of the funniest, most entertaining flicks I have watched in ages. As to be expected with Box Office Spectaculars and Grindhouse Releasing, this is a seriously amazing, top notch release….a must-see flick and a must-have for any respectable Blu-ray/DVD collection.” –

“Simply too far-out to miss!” – Video Tapeworm


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