Scum of the Earth / Poor White Trash Part 2 movie poster. Directed by S.F. Brownrigg

USA, 1974. Director: S.F. Brownrigg. Gene Ross, Camilla Carr, Charlie Dell, Norma Moore, Ann Stafford, Hugh Feagin, Joel Colodner. 84 Mins.

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Box Office Spectaculars is preparing a special edition DVD release of SCUM OF THE EARTH, producer/director S.F. Brownrigg’s follow-up to his cult-horror hit DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT.

SCUM OF THE EARTH ranked among the top-grossing nationwide movies in Boxoffice and Variety when it played theaters in 1976 as POOR WHITE TRASH PART II. Armed guards were stationed at theaters to shield minors from the “abnormal” subject matter, and audiences were warned that “this film captures poor white trash in their natural habitat.”

Noted for his ability to create creepy ambience on a low budget, Brownrigg has been called “one of the great forgotten men of exploitation cinema.”

On a romantic vacation at a lakeside cabin in Texas, city gal Helen Fraser (Norma Moore) flees into the backwoods after a lurking, unseen psycho slays her husband with an axe. Lost and panicked, she runs into Odie Pickett (Gene Ross), the mean, moonshine-swilling patriarch to a degenerate clan of hillbillies. Helen becomes trapped in Pickett’s isolated rural shack, confronted with the family’s wretched life of poverty and abuse, while the maniacal killer stalks the woods, striking again and again…

The new Blu-ray/DVD combo documents the making of SCUM OF THE EARTH with rare photos, commentary, and interviews with the film’s cast and crew. Paying tribute to Brownrigg, the package also includes the complete screenplay for DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT and other surprises!

David Szulkin, author of WES CRAVEN’S LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT: THE MAKING OF A CULT CLASSIC, produced the new, restored version of SCUM OF THE EARTH with Box Office Spectaculars founder Bob Murawski, acclaimed Hollywood film editor of Sam Raimi’s DRAG ME TO HELL and SPIDER MAN 1, 2 & 3.

Box Office Spectaculars has released deluxe DVD editions of Frank Perry’s THE SWIMMER, starring Burt Lancaster, which won the prestigious Satellite Award for Best Blu-ray/DVD; Sergio Sollima’s THE BIG GUNDOWN, the classic spaghetti Western starring Lee Van Cleef and Tomas Milian; CORRUPTION, starring Peter Cushing; Duke Mitchell’s GONE WITH THE POPE, Amos Sefer’s AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL; and such best-selling cult-horror classics as PIECES, I DRINK YOUR BLOOD and Lucio Fulci’s CAT IN THE BRAIN.

More details coming soon!

Gene Ross in Scum of the Earth / Poor White Trash Part 2. Directed by S.F. Brownrigg