USA, 2006. Director: Sage Stallone. Clu Gulager, Carole Lynley, Tom Gulager, Miriam Byrd-Nethery, John Philip Law,  Gregory Sierra, Robert F. Lyons, John La Zar, Gary Frank. 30 Mins.

Vic Reeves was once a Hollywood star respected for his award-winning roles in classic Westerns and television dramas.

Today, past his prime, overlooked, and forgotten, he is reduced to making appearances in cheap B-grade slasher flicks. When a late-night phone call from director Tony La Salle offers Vic an opportunity for a comeback, the actor must face the toughest audition of his career.

Watch: Vic Gets the Call

In VIC, director Sage Stallone has created a moving, heartfelt character study that reveals harsh truths about the nature of the movie business. As Vic, legendary actor Clu Gulager (THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, THE KILLERS) delivers a brilliant, deeply personal and unforgettable performance. Cinematographer John Gulager went on to win PROJECT GREENLIGHT and direct the genre favorites FEAST, FEAST 2, and PIRAHNA 3DDD.

Featuring cameos from Carole Lynley (THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE), John Philip Law (BARBARELLA), Gary Frank (TV’s FAMILY), Gregory Sierra (BARNEY MILLER) and John Lazar (BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS), and music by acclaimed Italian composer Franco Micalizzi (ROMA A MANO ARMATA, BEYOND THE DOOR), VIC won Sage Stallone the Best New Filmmaker Award at the Boston Film Festival.

“VIC is an extraordinary short film that packs an emotional wallop…Clu Gulager is superb throughout.” (Cinema Retro)

“VIC is a stunning piece of work, due to equal parts effort by director/writer Sage Stallone, writer Will Huston, and star Clu Gulager…the perfect storm of smart writing and skilled camerawork all going to support a powder keg of a performance from an actor determined to not let his talents fade away; a must-see, dare I say must-own short film.” (DVD Talk)