Grindhouse Releasing Sets NYC Premiere for Restored ‘Hollywood 90028’

Hot off the sold-out L.A. premiere at the American Cinematheque, Grindhouse Releasing’s new 4K restoration of HOLLYWOOD 90028 will make its New York screen debut April 10 at Nitehawk Cinema, Williamsburg, presented by The Future of Film Is Female. 

Tickets are on sale now: Hollywood 90028 – Nitehawk Cinema – Williamsburg

“A haunting and unsettling film…an original and unforgettable viewing experience.”

— Anna Biller, director of THE LOVE WITCH

“Seeing Christina Hornisher’s film, HOLLYWOOD 90028, is like time traveling into the past to see the magnificent future of cinema.”

– Nicolas Winding Refn, director of THE NEON DEMON

“Somewhere between art film and exploitation.  A bizarre, lost, and lonely low-budget time capsule of Los Angeles with a final shot that needs to be seen to be believed.” 

– Ti West, director of HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and X

“One of the craziest final shots I’ve ever seen…the audience collectively and audibly GASPED. Hollywood Babylon tales don’t get much bleaker than this.”

– Joe Lynch, director of SUITABLE FLESH and WRONG TURN 2

“One of the most shocking and memorable endings in all of 1970s cinema.”

– Jim Healy, Wisconsin Film Festival

“A rare and exciting discovery…Powerful arthouse horror from a filmmaker who should have had a prolific career.”

 – William Bibbiani, THE WRAP

Hollywood 90028 has been blessed with much-deserved new life…a breathtaking 4K restoration from Grindhouse Releasing.” – Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, FANGORIA