Death Game (1977) Blu-ray

Grindhouse Releasing’s new 4K restoration of Peter S. Traynor’s DEATH GAME is now playing in theaters, and scoring rave reviews! We couldn’t be more pleased with the audience reaction to this newly rediscovered 1970s cult classic.

Critic Sean M. Peters writes, “It’s sexy, grotesque, shocking and schlocky all at once, a perfectly campy cinematic trip that’ll leave you looking over your shoulder in the kitchen for weeks to come.” (CityBeat)

Jim Healy of the Wisconsin Film Festival calls DEATH GAME “a truly odd and genuinely nightmarish American thriller” – don’t miss the festival screening coming up on April 11!

Bloody-Disgusting editor John Squires says, “If you loved ‘X’ and you’re looking for more of that 70s-era exploitation insanity, make it your next watch. Colleen Camp & Sondra Locke are hurricanes of manic energy. Two of the most fun performances out there.”

Bruce Holecheck of Cinema Arcana calls DEATH GAME “a stunning release that was definitely worth the wait, and an easy inclusion in my Top Ten of 2022 line-up.”

And Nathaniel Thompson of Mondo-Digital hails DEATH GAME as “wholly unique and unforgettable”!

The limited edition Blu-ray of DEATH GAME is SOLD OUT, and we’re working around the clock to ship them to our customers. If you’re still waiting to receive your copy, don’t panic! More than half of the 2,000 copies pressed in this special limited run have shipped since we received the inventory on March 14, and we expect all remaining orders to ship within the next two weeks.

Here’s an advance look at the Blu-ray from reviewer Lindsay Washburn. Special thanks to Lindsay for not only reviewing DEATH GAME but also giving a shout-out to Mark Jason Murray’s excellent Rudy Ray Moore biography, THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME BE MYSELF. Don’t wait to pick up this incredible limited edition hardcover book available now through our online store!

Lindsay Washburn reviews DEATH GAME

Request DEATH GAME at your local theater, and keep an eye on our screenings page for updates on where you can see this and other Grindhouse Releasing hits on the big screen! Here are some of the events we’ve got coming up:

4/1 & 4/2 – DEATH GAME, Frida Cinema, Santa Ana, CA

4/2 – CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (35mm), Brain Dead Studios, Los Angeles

4/6 – DEATH GAME, Music Box Theatre, Chicago, IL

4/11 – DEATH GAME, Wisconsin Film Festival, Madison, WI

4/ 8 – 4/11 – THE EVIL DEAD, AFI Silver Theatre, Silver Spring, MD

4/14 – 4/16 – DEATH GAME, Drexel Theatre, Columbus, OH

4/26 – DEATH GAME, Majestic Tempe 7, Tempe, AZ

5/7 – THE BEYOND, New Beverly Cinema, Los Angeles, CA

5/13 & 5/16 – DEATH GAME, AFI Silver Theatre, Silver Spring, MD

Special Grindhouse Releasing thanks to the Esquire Theatre in Cincinnati for hosting our recent screening of DEATH GAME and Eli Roth’s KNOCK KNOCK! To book this incredible doublebill for your theater, contact us!