HOLLYWOOD 90028 To Screen at Sitges Film Festival!

FANGORIA: “A 4K restoration and Sitges screening? HOLLYWOOD 90028 is finally getting some (much-deserved) respect!

Grindhouse Releasing is proud to announce that the new 4K restoration of HOLLYWOOD 90028 (a.k.a. TWISTED THROATS and THE HOLLYWOOD HILLSIDE STRANGLER) will screen at the 56th Sitges Film Festival, taking place October 5-15, 2023. 

The sole feature from writer/director Christina Hornisher (1942-2003), HOLLYWOOD 90028 will be shown in the ‘Sitges Classic – Panic City’ series alongside films by Nicolas Roeg, David Cronenberg, and Larry Cohen.

HOLLYWOOD 90028 shows the dark side of the L.A. dream in the story of an aspiring cameraman turned serial killer. Christopher Augustine stars as Mark, an alienated loner stuck at the bottom of the film-biz ladder shooting porno flicks for swinish boss Jobal (Dick Glass). In his off hours, Mark prowls the peep shows and strip clubs of Los Angeles to prey on random young women who he picks up and strangles to death. When Mark pursues a relationship with Michelle (Jeannette Dilger), the star in one of Jobal’s sleazy productions, the grim reality behind the fantasy leads the unhinged cinematographer to shoot a different kind of Hollywood ending.

Newly restored in 4K, HOLLYWOOD 90028 was beautifully lensed by cameraman and film scholar Jean-Pierre Geuens, who would later shoot the horror classic LEMORA for director Richard Blackburn. The movie boasts a haunting original score by Basil Poledouris, who made his debut with HOLLYWOOD 90028 and went on to compose the music for CONAN THE BARBARIAN and ROBOCOP.

“Somewhere between art film and exploitation. A bizarre, lost, and lonely low-budget time capsule of Los Angeles with a final shot that needs to be seen to be believed.”
– Ti West, director of HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and X

“One of the craziest final shots I’ve ever seen…the audience collectively and audibly GASPED. Hollywood Babylon tales don’t get much bleaker than this.”
– Joe Lynch, director of SUITABLE FLESH and WRONG TURN 2

“A breathtaking 4K restoration by Grindhouse Releasing…HOLLYWOOD 90028 has a kind of dazzling, raw energy that is jaw-dropping, and this recent attention will hopefully see it receive its rightful place in horror film history.

– Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, FANGORIA