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This Deluxe Edition of IMPULSE is limited to 2000 signed and numbered copies, personally autographed by legendary exploitation director William Grefé

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“A grim, unrelenting study of a psychopathic killer.
Shatner is surprisingly strong in an enormously demanding role.”

– Box Office Magazine

“Well-crafted and effective… flowing with Grefe’s scalpel-sharp direction.”

– Alex Ben Block, The Miami News

“Shatner is incredible and frightening during his lapses into insanity.
There are a number of vividly horrifying murder scenes which make even adults cringe.”

– Perry Fulkerson, The Evening Independent

William Shatner is very effective in it. It’s a performance right up there with his work in “The Intruder.”

– Joe Leydon, Variety

IMPULSE, with its exciting camera work, local flavor, and terrific performances, especially from Shatner as the sociopathic main character, just might be the pinnacle of Grefé’s career. It has all of the punchy, violent power of the best films by Samuel Fuller and Robert Aldrich, and Grefé shares with those artists an understanding of a specific kind of sickness in the underbelly of America that is taking its toll on mainstream society.”

– Jim Healy, Wisconsin Film Festival

Grindhouse Releasing is proud to present one of the most shocking and demented thrillers of the 1970s. William Shatner stars as Matt Stone, a deranged gigolo who preys on rich women, unable to control his murderous psychosexual urges. Directed by legendary exploitation filmmaker William Grefé (THE DEATH CURSE OF TARTU), and co-starring Jenifer Bishop (Al Adamson’s THE FEMALE BUNCH), Ruth Roman (Hitchcock’s STRANGERS ON A TRAIN), Harold “Oddjob” Sakata (GOLDFINGER) and William Kerwin (Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BLOOD FEAST). IMPULSE is being presented in a beautiful new master lovingly restored in 4K from rare archival 35mm film elements.


– Spectacular new 4K restoration created from rare archival film elements

– Two disc set containing over 15 hours of bonus materials!

– KINGDOM OF THE SHATNER – William Shatner Live in Santa Monica – Oct. 9, 2022

– Provocative, in-depth interviews with director William Grefé

– Additional interviews with producer and make-up artist Doug Hobart (FLESH FEAST, SCREAM BABY SCREAM) and art director Roger Carlton Sherman

– Audio commentary by William Grefé

– Haunting alternate French soundtrack

– Hours of rare cinematic treasures from the vaults of William Grefé

– Glossy illustrated booklet with liner notes by acclaimed underground filmmaker Jacques Boyreau

– Beautiful embossed slipcover with new art by esteemed painter Dave Lebow

– Collectible postcard featuring original oil portrait of William Shatner by artist Dave Lebow

– Still galleries, trailers