The DEATH GAME (1977) CD soundtrack composed by Jimmie Haskell
The DEATH GAME (1977) CD soundtrack composed by Jimmie Haskell

Get ready to discover the lost soundtrack to a cult classic! We’re thrilled to announce that the DEATH GAME soundtrack, recently uncovered and restored by Grindhouse Releasing, is now available on CD. For years, the original soundtrack by Jimmie Haskell was thought to be lost, until a mysterious unlabeled tape was found in a Los Angeles storage unit. Thanks to the restoration efforts of Dave Eck of Lucky Mastering, the film’s soundtrack is now available for fans of DEATH GAME and cult cinema to enjoy for the first time ever.

The DEATH GAME soundtrack perfectly captures the hedonistic and tense, unsettling atmosphere of the film, and is a must-have addition to your Grindhouse collection. The CD contains two comes in a full-color sleeve that fits perfectly inside the DEATH GAME deluxe edition Blu-ray slipcover, making it a truly collectible item.Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of cult cinema history – fire up your hot tub and order your copy of the recently discovered DEATH GAME soundtrack today!

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