THE TOUGH ONES Hit The Streets Today!

Years in the making, Grindhouse Releasing’s deluxe 3-disc Blu-ray release of Umberto Lenzi’s police-action thriller THE TOUGH ONES is now available from Grindhouse Releasing!

Calum Waddell's superb Lenzi documnetary, Mike Malloy's expert commentary, and interviews with the late, great Tomas Milian are just a few of the special features that make THE TOUGH ONES a must-have for genre aficionados. You also get Franco Micalizzi's score, completely remastered from the original tapes. (And don't forget that .30-caliber metal BULLET PEN - limited to the first 2,500 copies!

Critics are raving about this jam-packed release!

"FIVE STARS - AN ABSOLUTE STUNNER. I have not seen another release of an Italian genre film that has undergone a complete makeover quite like it -- not only is the new 4K restoration very nice, but there are hours and hours of very high-quality supplemental features that could have easily been used for a couple of individual releases. I would have written that it is unmissable even if it had come only with The Rebel Within and The Rebel and the Bourgeois, both of which offer tremendous insight into the life and legacy of Tomas Milian. Needless to say, there is already a guaranteed spot for it on my Top Ten list for 2019. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."


"THE TOUGH ONES is pure crime movie bliss...the Grindhouse release looks extremely impressive, far surpassing any past release."

-- Mondo Digital

"Hard-hitting and angry...Lenzi knows how to stage exciting action sequences. THE TOUGH ONES looks and sounds fantastic, lovingly restored for a 4K presentation....As typical for a title from Grindhouse Releasing, this new edition of THE TOUGH ONES comes absolutely packed to the gills with special content, not the least of them being a third bonus CD of the film’s soundtrack by Franco Micalizzi."

-- Daily Grindhouse

"A MUST! The direction by maestro Umberto Lenzi and cinematography by Federico Zanni are just spectacular and with Grindhouse Releasing's remastered hi-definition BluRay you can really appreciate the beautiful shots and photography on the screen. The movie takes a little while to get moving but once it kicks into gear it's a non stop barrage of punch ups, beatdowns, sideswipes, draggings, car chases and shootouts. THE TOUGH ONES really is a cinematic smorgasbord of action delights that will hold you in its grip the entire running time. After seeing a wide variety of polizio films over the years, I can honestly say that Roma A Mano Armata aka THE TOUGH ONES ranks up with the best the genre has to offer. A whiz-bang, crackerjack crime film from the days when movies really went for the jugular."

-- Grindhouse Database

"A ridiculously satisfying ninety-three-minutes of high octane, politically incorrect, bad guy smashing insanity from Lenzi and an insanely entertaining time at the movies. Grindhouse Releasing has done a beautiful job bringing this to Blu-ray. The transfer is gorgeous, the audio rock solid and the extras cover more ground than anyone could have ever hoped for. All in all, a fantastic package that comes highly recommended!"

-- Rock! Shock! Pop!

"HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION - THE TOUGH ONES isn't simply an extraordinary release of a poliziottesco, cult cinema in general, or, hell, Blu-ray as a format. Maybe you'll roll your eyes at this as hyperbole, but I mean every word of it: what Grindhouse Releasing has delivered with The Tough Ones ranks among the most exceptional editions in the history of home video. DVD Talk Collector Series."

-- DVD Talk

THE TOUGH ONES will be screening Friday, July 12 at RENDEZVOUS in Los Angeles.

Fans in the New York area can see THE TOUGH ONES July 22 at the Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers. More screenings will be announced soon!